Tsunami Magazine

eLuminate Design created this website and then maintained Tsunami Magazine’s online presence for two years. The site required monthly updatesnd therefore required a system that was readily updatable but also visually appealing.

ej Moped

This is a dynamic Flash website for an indie Brisbane band. The site was designed to be visually appealing and and also provide sufficient interactivity to engage the user and encourage repeat visitors.


Medicom is an html brochure website designed for the online purchase of painkillers, sleeping aids and allergy relief products. Despite its size, this site was developed extremely quickly.

Auto Insurers Group

This is a brochure website designed for online auto insurance for an American client. The site was kept relatively simple as its primary objective was to be extremely quick loading and also to be found in Google.

Streamline Software

Presentation for IEA based in New Guinea for Streamline Software.

Credit History Guide

The Credit History Guide is an Information Website designed for interested parties who are unaware of the facts surrounding. Credit and Credit history.